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Kumulipo Studios is a 501 (c) (3) non profit

Like its namesake, the Kumulipo Chant of Creation, (“Kumulipo”) officers, directors and supporters have been directly or indirectly involved in creative and innovative educational, environmental and social issues in Hawaii for the last 50 years. takes a global approach to Hawaii’s mico geographics, using the educated and well travelled perspective of its members who bring to Kumulipo its collective problem solving, social and environmental evolution. began as an idea among students and professors at the University of Hawaii in the late 1960’s discussing local and global political, environmental, philosophical and social issues.  It has morphed and evolved into a state and federal 501(c)(3) concerned about global warming and sea level rise, education and Hawaii’s youth. supported the Bachman Hall occupation, anti war and native Hawaiian rights protests in May 1968. Hawaiian protest organizers eventually lobbied for and established the Hawaiian Studies Program at the University of Hawaii 10 years later.  Kumulipo supported and was involved with many others in the expansion of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in 2000.

In 1989, published the website, the largest collection of historical and current photos, documents and maps on the world wide web. 

Almost immediately after hurricane Iniki, designed and provided complete building plans for four new, hurricane resistant home models for Kauai Habitat for Humanity.  Kumulipo filed the first new building permit on Kauai after Iniki and lobbied Kauai and Oahu building departments to adopt hurricane ties in their building codes. lobbied the Legislature for the Wailea Bay Marine Sanctuary in West Hawaii. provided the preliminary plans that would eventually become the Ke ala Pupukea bike path on Oahu’s north shore. Kumulipo exposed wrongdoing by land owner Obayashi which eventually led to the establishment of Pupukea Paumalu land trust in 2007 protecting the lands above Sunset Beach and waters therein from development and pollution. actively supported the establishment of Pu’uhonua o Waimanalo.

Over the past 20 years, Kumulipo has focused on education, sports and health in Hawaii’s youth with programs to clean up and re-establish fish ponds, provide free computers, surfboards and ukulele’s as well as free sailing and surfing lessons and support to Hawaii’s keiki.  Kumulipo provided free mixed martial arts classes in Nanakuli to combat bullying in school.  Recently, Kumulipo has been concerned with global warming and sea level rise that will reek economic, social and political havoc in Hawaii that will affect our youth.  Kumulipo supports math and science in its efforts to develop intelligent, Hawaiian youth. supporters filed a federal lawsuit which eventually bankrupted Japan based Honey Bee’s wedding chapel plans for Ala Wai Boat Harbor, a boating, surfing and canoe paddling venue which was originally set aside for and built for ka poe Hawaii nei, the people of Hawaii.  Kumulipo has beautiful planted trees all over the Ala Wai harbor which now support nesting in Waikiki for the endangered manu o ku Hawaiian sea bird. is a Hawaii state and federal 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to educating Hawaii’s youth to become better citizen stuarts of our island home.  Kumulipo will continue to work toward a Hawaii that reflects the values of our past and kupuna, while continuing to evolve as needed to support our dedicated goals.  KumulipoStudios has produced many video productions about to Hawaii’s natural beauty, environmental  wonders and sports activities which can be found on the internet at

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